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Happy Valentines Day Gift Cards Messages Wishes Greetings Quotes 2017 ভা...

Happy Valentine’s Day Gift Cards Messages Wishes Greetings Quotes
Songs 2017,
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You are my love
You are my sweet heart
You are my dream
You are my hope
You are my charming bird
I love you

I love you
I need you
I care you
I fond you
I feel you
I want you
I dream you

A day without you is a gloomy day, a night without you is a miserable
night; a life without you is a depressed life because you are my soul. I love
You are so much loving bird
that this single life is very much short to disclose how deeply I am in love
with you.
Falling in love with you is
a luck for me because you are too much special to me. Make me happy with your
sweet love and care.
When I see you my heart
fills up with joy. When I meet you my heart get the touch of sweet waves
because you are everything to me.

Hey my love! Come to me…. Care
me…. Hug me… take me… because my soul wants to meet your soul.

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